The Ballards - Spain Majorca


Majorca: where your parents went on holiday......

In the 1960s and 1970s purple Court Line BAC 1-11s and white, red and blue BEA Tridents went to Majorca, and back to monochrome 1960s Britain came brightly-coloured photographs of groovy people wearing flares in the sun.
Majorca had arrived. And pasty-faced Brits could go on package holidays to get burned and drunk. This eventually led to a groundswell of public opinion that joining the EEC would be a good idea, as it would give us cheap booze and unrestricted foreign travel to sunny places (ha, well that didn't work out.....)

Fast forward to the somewhat less groovy 21st Century and Majorca is still there: fewer flares are in existence and surprisingly it's not as faded as tourist-boom Southern Spain, which has not aged well.

We visited in late-September 2012 outside the main tourist season but still in the warm and sunny season, thanks to the Serious Fraud Office and The Proceeds of Crime Act (it's a long story, but involves a repossessed boat), and managed to escape Palma De Mallorca for a tour around the Western, unspoiled part of the island, which looks as though it might be fun to fly around as well as drive around.

We promised ourselves we would return...