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Bruce is the now-retired MD of Paddock IT Solutions, once the premier Oxfordshire IT Solutions company; now Mr DIY, architect of the most luxurious motorhome in England, mad keen pilot, traveller and photographer.
Vanessa is the now-retired FD of Paddock IT Solutions, ex-professional cook and enthusiastic explorer.
Together we travel the world and occasionally write about it.

The current madness:
West Oxfordshire District Council and the Highways Authority have been somehow bamboozled in to making a serious error: at the A40 Curbridge Road junction near Witney where they need access to the huge new housing estates being built to the West of Witney.
Instead of using the existing bridge over the A40, putting a mini roundabout at each end and 4 slip roads they have not only whacked a roundabout in to the middle of the only decent bit of A40 between Oxford and Cheltenham, they've made it too narrow. Westbound, there is only a lane and a half width on the roundabout.
Quite apart from trebling the cost of the job, they have introduced an entrely unnecessary barrier to the road. Every lorry, every car, now has to slow down, change down, then speed up again next to the village of Curbridge day and night.
The incompetence is staggering.
When I'm Transport Minister my first act will be to ferret out who made the decision and make them personally pay to have it dug up and and altered to to how it should be, then have them sit in the stocks next to the road for a week so we can all pelt him/her with eggs. Pour encourager les autres.
Don't even get me started on the Stonehenge bypass...

Mr & Mrs Biggles